The 23 Critical Steps Most Project Management Leaders Miss

Paul A. Tedesco

In my book "Common Sense in Project Management," I cited a Department of Defense study of 8,000 projects completed in 350 companies.

Only 16% are considered successful...only 2% of these are used as first delivered!

Projects in bioengineering and pharmacology run similar risks. Why? In my long career leading advanced engineering and business application projects, I've observed that projects fail because project teams and their leaders miss one or more of the following elements. I've set them as a worksheet table for you to use in your next project.



Identify critical Features that would make this project worth doing


Identify critical supporting technology/architecture that make this project possible


Identify alternatives that would satisfy making this project worth doing


Identify the supporting technology/architecture alternatives that make this project possible


Identify the Business Management, Technology personnel that are to participate in the project


Determine the Senior management personnel that support the project


Determine the Customer benefits


Select elements for immediate implementation


Determine What of the business can be resused for other business functions


Determine what of the technology/architecture can be reused for other business/technical functions


Determine the business benefits applicable to each specific business alternative


Determine the business and technical benefits applicable to each specific technical alternative


Determine how the business and technical alternatives can best be combined for the benefit to the business


Describe the benefits of the combined business and technology alternative


Select the best of the alternatives for implementing the project


Identify how the selected alternative and the other alternatives would satisfy the corporate requirements


Describe the new business opportunities that are created through the technology


Describe the new technology opportunities that the business goals have unearthed and therefore the new business opportunities that the new technology will provide


Provide an estimate of the value of the created business value


Determine if the new business and technology opportunities should be placed in a new company division or should form a new corporation that benefits your corporation


Properly handle inspiration


Describe how the created ideas alter business and create new business competitive advantages


Identify and take advantage of new business and technology insights





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