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The Wisdom of (BioEvent?) Crowds

What can save you months -- possibly years -- of time, effort and expense to:

  • See firsthand the current and future state of the biotech industry
  • Observe and even physically examine new products
  • Collect or request more information in areas of your interest
  • Conduct informal market research
  • Learn and discuss the latest technical advances at presentations and workshops
  • Meet "virtual" contacts and colleages in person
  • Discover new colleagues from around the world
  • Make important business contacts
  • Assess new job prospects

all within the space of several days?

While we appreciate and make full use of the Internet and advanced telecommunications, we are also strong advocates of participating in trade shows, the successor to those earliest of commercial gatherings: bazaars and marketplaces. For all the examples listed above, nothing surpasses IN PERSON observations and contacts, especially when coupled with virtual communication and advance preparation.

In the past, we received client requests to conduct a market analysis and create a "state of the industry" report -- about one month AFTER a major trade event. In every case, the clients had sent one or two technical people overseas to attend a trade show and report back.

What happened?

All the scientists were highly skilled in their fields, They dutifully walked the exhibit halls, attended technical presentations and collected materials, but they didn't make any significant contacts. Why not? They were shy or uncomfortable in speaking a foreign language; they also missed other significant opportunities because they wre unfamiliar with all the "extras" that event hosts offer, even though the extras were listed in the directories and other show materials.

We explained to the clients that we would need to make a considerable number of interview phone calls and other contacts, that it would take a month or longer to do the work, and that the information would have been more complete and less costly if only they had asked us several months before the event.

Thankfully, we rarely get requests right after a major event any more. We really enjoy delivering full value to our clients, whether they:

Also see our series of articles on getting the most from your BioEvent participation.

If you are planning on attending or exhibiting at a BioEvent in the U.S. or in Japan, or when you are unable to participate but would like to have information or materials from the event, please contact us for details:

--- United States: Joanne Gucwa --- Japan: Kazumi Iino

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