Biocluster networks, links and relationships, assessment

Bioclusters, whether emerging or mature, face constraints and the challenges of growth and sustainability issues. As more regions are recognizing the benefits of participating in the biotech revolution, Affordable Biocluster Success is one of a series of services we developed to support their needs.

Organizational Infrastructure (Audit 1) People Qualities (Audit 6)
  • Organizational inventory assures that you don't overlook any of your local resources. More
Understand how different skills and character traits impact the kinds of results you envision for your biocluster. More
Inventory of Players (Audit 2) Success in the Details (Audit 7)
  • Visual map of the locations of your biocluster's major players helps you see their physical distribution within your area. More
  • Analyses and charts illustrate the standings of your biocluster's individual segments. More
Networks of Player Categories (Audit 3) The Big Picture (Audit 8)
  • Audit reveals how you can leverage existing relationships; encourage growth of new, productive links to increase the vibrancy of your biocluster. More
Information aggregated from the detailed analyses allows you to see at a glance your biocluster's overall relative strengths and weaknesses. More
External Resources Networks (Audit 4) Roadmap to Your Future (Strategy Development)
  • This "Global Village" module helps you expand your biocluster's horizons and increase its diversity. More
Let us help you plot your biocluster's successful evolution with our Roadmap to the Future. More
Current Results (Audit 5)
Begin the Journey (Implementation)
  • Analyze the tangible, meaningful results that your biocluster is producing. More
We can help implement your roadmap to reach your biocluster's objectives. More

  • Our eight-module Biocluster Success Audit provides a step-by-step process to understanding your biocluster's "infrastructure," and its current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Because information without targeted action is meaningless, our Strategy Development and Implementation services are an extension of the Biocluster Success Audit.
  • We can work with you in developing a Strategy in the form of a detailed, individualized plan with measurable milestones (Roadmap) and provide Implementation assistance (Begin the Journey).


  • Can you accomplish these activities yourself? Of course you can!
  • Have you?


There are dozens of reasons why it makes sense to use an objective third party for at least portions of these steps. Here are just a few:

•    Your internal resources are already stretched too thin
•    Using external assistance conveys significance
•    External resources serve as catalysts for action, and often for change of direction
•    The process launches and maintains momentum without common distractions
•    Impartial role facilitates communication, cooperation among disparate members

Why select us to work with you?

  • Unique, proprietary approach. Each of the 10 modules is derived from our comprehensive study of bioclusters and decades of technology consulting experience.
  • Tailored to your biocluster. This is not a cookie cutter project. While we designed the process for optimum efficiency, the components are one-of-a-kind, matching your biocluster's specific situation and objectives for the future.
  • Flexibility. You're not bound by a rigid, all-or-nothing process. We encourage you to use your own internal resources, as available, for portions of the data collection and will work with and guide your team in the process. We offer a variety of fee arrangements adapted to your biocluster's scope, complexity, specific needs and our level of involvement.
  • Value. We're committed to the philosophy of "a rising tide raises all boats." You will find our rates to be very reasonable; preliminary discussions are free ... no obligation or strings attached.


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