You Can Greatly Increase the Value of Your BioEvent Visit with a Local Guide

Large international events can be daunting, featuring several thousand exhibitors and conference sessions, miles of floor space, tens of thousands of attendees. Your list of objectives can be just as daunting: find one or several business partners or distributors, assess your competition or scientific trends, identify prospective tenants for your incubator or faculty for your name just a few. Adding to your challenges may be a limited fluency in the local language.

Here are some ways we can help BEFORE the bioevent itself:

  • ---> Work with you to map your visit strategy, based on your objectives
  • ---> Make networking, business meeting recommendations
  • ---> Make advance contacts or introductions on your behalf

DURING the bioevent, here are some of the ways we can help:

---> Review your event plan
---> Explain and help take advantage of event resources, such as message boards, amenities for international visitors
---> Make planned as well as unplanned business introductions
---> Act as interpreters for important business meetings
---> Attend presentations, visit exhibitors, collect materials to divide the work or when you have other commitments
---> Assess trends, status of specific organizations

AFTER the event, we can:

  • ---> Make phone calls, other local contacts on your behalf
  • ---> Suggest content of thank you notes, other follow-up activities for the contacts you've made
  • ---> Provide lists of professional advisors (e.g. legal, licensing) for you to consider, should have need

If you are planning on attending a BioEvent in the U.S. or Japan, please contact us for details:

--- United States: Joanne Gucwa --- Japan: Kazumi Iino

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