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With 16 categories, TMA BioBlog is not your typical blog. While some categories are purely informational (such as "15 Minutes of Fame" and "Now You Know"), other categories (such as "Open to Debate" and "Enigmas and Tough Challenges") invite you to consider and respond to the issues presented. Here are the categories and a brief description.

Category Description
Home Shows postings by date, latest on top
! NEW ! Announcements of new BioTech Circle site developments
Open to Debate Ethical, legislative, industry practice and other issues that we have the power to change
Enigmas and Tough Challenges Technical, natural mysteries and sometimes-contradictory information
15 Minutes of Fame Highlights of interesting products, calls to action, excerpts of selected press releases sent to us 
Your Opinion: Monthly Articles We highlight about 5 of the 50+ free, web-based biotech articles we summarize and link to each month. Which would YOU highlight?
BioRequests - General Invitation to initiate a discussion with fellow site visitors on non-tech, non-business issues such as the best schools for your area of interest, ethics, websites, publishing...
BioRequests - Business Invitation to initiate a discussion with fellow site visitors on business issues such as attracting grants and venture funding, hiring skilled technologists...
BioRequests - Technology Invitation to initiate a discussion with fellow site visitors on technical issues such as the merits and drawbacks of particular kinds of instrumentation, challenges inherent in specific processes...
Cool! Simply fun or esthetically pleasing things in the realm of technology - images, processes and contents
Need to Know - Important New Discoveries Findings that could make a difference in health, education, ecology and other areas of biotech
Now You Know! Interesting discoveries eliciting an "I wondered about that" response in most of us
Words to the Wise - Emerging Scientific Trends The latest thinking and direction in research and applied life science
BioTechCircle News archives The newsletter will resume shortly
HOW TO USE THIS SITE Largely supplanted by Express Guides (access from
Bio Event Coverage Postings covering bio-events we attend
Countdown to BIO events Announcements based on press releases we receive

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