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Funding advisors

  • Commonwealth Capital Advisors
    CCA is an investment banking advisory firm that has developed a patent-pending methodology called The Financial Architect SystemT that is designed to enable entrepreneurs to raise substantial amounts of capital at a fraction of the standard cost.
  • Corporate Financial Advisors, LLC
  • Eureka Capital Markets, LLC
  • Global Royalty Audits, Inc.
  • Venture Isles
    Engage Venture Isles for Intellectual Property Patents, Intellectual Property Management , SBIR Grants, Licensing Intellectual Property and IP Market Analysis to lower your investment risk and generate a stronger revenue stream. To learn what Venture Isles can do to create a strong revenue stream through the creation, licensing and/or sale of your technology IP visit
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Eden's Bounty Multi-SanTM
Colorless, odorless, biodegradable instant sanitizer is effective against both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria; kills in 30 seconds. Free of chlorine and quaternary ammonium compounds. EPA registered food contact surface sanitizer. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.
TERRA+ CLEAN Acid-Replacement Surface Cleaner
Safe, totally natural, 100% biodegradable, multi-functional cleaning product providing safety in the workplace for both humans and environmental surfaces - without compromising performance. Can be diluted up to 25:1. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.