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Symptom Biotech Circle Solution
Needing to keep up with advances in a wide variety of biotech research, information overload (so much to read, so little time) Check out the links to our monthly selection of free, reader-friendly Web articles on important and interesting biotech topics from numerous respected sources. They're annotated and categorized for rapid scanning. New Research, IP Express Guide to Monthly Articles
Seeking funding for your startup or spinoff Links to life science Funding Sources; links to Funding Advisors
Looking for lab space Links to Incubator Facilities; links to Science Parks
Looking to increase your visibility Consider writing a "what is" article
Looking to patent your technology Links to Patent Attorneys
Looking to acquire technology Links to Tech Transfer Offices; links to monthly gene-related U.S. patents & patent applications
Looking to understand the U.S. market, expand to U.S. Read about our marketing, research services; our international development business partner. Links to life science consultants
Looking to understand the Japanese market, expand to Japan Read about our Japan-related services; our Japanese business partners
Needing a basic, easy-to-maintain website, current site redesign Review our website hosting and design business partners


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Safe, totally natural, 100% biodegradable, multi-functional cleaning product providing safety in the workplace for both humans and environmental surfaces - without compromising performance. Can be diluted up to 25:1. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.