Biotech Circle Professional Services  Consulting - helping you steer in the right direction

Each of you has specific needs and objectives. That is why we offer you broad flexibility and customize our services to your individual requirements. Our philosophy is to provide superior value: practical services to the entire biotech community, including multidisciplinary and emerging areas of biotechnology, such as bioinformatics, nanotechnology, functional foods and biofuels (to name just a few) reasonable fees.

Affordable biocluster success

Our newest service, developed for economic development agencies and others seeking to establish or grow a sustainable biocluster community. CLICK HERE to read more on our unique 10-step process.

Research and Consulting

For US-based research and consulting services, please contact Joanne Gucwa at:
Technology Management Associates, Inc.

TMA BioTech Circle Phone: 312-984-5050  Fax: 312-984-5057 --- 1699 Wall Street, Suite 515, Mount Prospect, IL 60056 USA

Strategy Development

With solid information as the foundation on which to build a plan for reaching your biotechnology business objectives, we can assist you in formulating effective strategies for US market access through appropriate channels or by direct entry.

Technology and Patent Tracking

We supplement our BioTech Circle's free articles and gene-related US patent/patent application activities on this site with custom tracking of organizations, technologies and people. Let us know your requirements and we'll outline several options for you to evaluate.

Market Information

There is so much going on in the life sciences that locating the information you need can be a daunting task. We provide a range of services, from something as simple as finding a contact name to custom, detailed market and competitive analyses (complete with reference URLs and other sources) and primary (phone, visit, focus group and Web survey) research.

Funder Identification

Lengthy development/commercialization cycles and the resultant need for large financial investment (patient money) characterize the biotechnology industry. We can develop for you a targeted list of prospective funders for your technology development from our extensive, regularly updated, database of biotechnology and life sciences investors worldwide. Of course, registered members are also welcome to post Seeking Funding ads at no cost in the BioTech Circle Partnering Center.

Japan Liaison  Japan map - outline

If you are thinking about expanding into Japan, the world's second-largest biotech market, our team offers a host of services with personal attention to your specific business needs. For the services outlined below, please contact Kazumi Iino at:

I. Techno. Office
Fax: 81-3-3533-7440  Tsukuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0051

Business Prospect Services

We have a vast array of resources to help you identify Japanese biotechnology prospective partners, customers or employees in industry, academia, research and government. We can also conduct telephone surveys or set up focus groups for products or concepts relating to life sciences.

Cross-Cultural Consulting

Business practices vary among different countries, and even within different regions of the same country. We can help you understand the business practices that are unique to Japan, enhancing your means for forming solid business relationships.

Technology Research

For our Japanese clients, we provide regularly scheduled reports (in Japanese) on US biotech patents and patent applications, based on specific keywords or other client criteria. For our non-Japanese clients, similar reports (in English) are provided on Japanese biotech patents. We also provide bi-lingual clipping services of Web-based documents based on your specific criteria. These tailored reports allow you to review and keep up with current biotechnology activity for partnering or other purposes. We will be happy to provide our communication support services for making contact with authors or other resources.

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Communication Support

We offer technically and culturally appropriate translation of your materials and communications, both electronic and traditional, encompassing documents, e-mail, slide presentations and other business material. Should you wish to attend or exhibit at a trade show in Japan, we can accompany you or attend your booth, serving as your business interpreter.

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